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Author: Nick

Social Media Success for Small Businesses: Statistics You Need to Know (2019)

Social platforms are continuously growing and becoming a more significant part of our day-to-day lives. Some people with differentiated opinion might argue on how social media divides and brings together the world as a society. However, the essential part is that social media is not going away; and moreover, it’s only getting more rooted in the elements of human society and our lives. How significant is social media to the success of businesses? Here in this infographic, we’ve managed to put together a range of crucial statistics that highlight consumers’ behavior towards different social media platforms, thereby providing insights...

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Social Media Managers aren’t producing fake news, but bear the brunt

Since the 2016 US election, Facebook has been criticized for helping the spread fake news. A few months ago, they’ve implemented a rushed fix that hurts social media managers and small businesses more than fake news publishers. Now, honest content creators are fighting back. Sarah Douglas is in charge of her company’s Facebook page. For her employer, a small e-commerce retailer from Oregon, Facebook is one of the most important channels to attract new customers. When sharing a link to one of the company’s products on Facebook, she was used to customizing the link preview in Facebook’s native sharing...

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